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IMC to focus on continual professional development

13 Mar 2017

The Irish Medical Council (IMC) intends to focus this year on the three areas of continual professional development (CPD), professional competency (PC) and compliance, as well as on greater public engagement, with the clear objective of “doing what is right for the patient”.

“With regards to professional competency, our consistent aim in safeguarding the professional development requirements of doctors can be reflected in three core developments that are under way,” the Council’s CEO said.

To tackle the issue of non-enrolment in Professional Competence Schemes (PCS) as required by law, Bill Prasifka said amendments to the declaration questions on the retention form would enforce the acknowledgment of doctor’s obligations. The outcome of this action would become evident following the analysis of the Postgraduate Training Bodies (PGTBs) PCS data in May/June, it is envisaged.

Prasifka said the IMC was inviting applications for membership of the Performance Assessment Model Refinement Working Group, and it was expected that this group would convene in May.

The Council is set to undertake a comprehensive review and refinement exercise of the model currently used to assess doctors’ performance, IMT has previously reported (‘Medical Council to review assessments’, February 17, 2017).

The arrangement with the PGTBs to operate PCSs will be extended for a three-year period following negotiations, the IMC CEO revealed.

“Meetings took place with the Forum and Forum PCS subcommittees, which discussed the developments going forward. The anticipated changes reflected in amended schedules will be both operational and developmental,” he said.

In addition to increasing its engagement with the public and to creating a greater overall awareness of its role, the Council wants to maintain professional engagement by remaining steadfast in its consultative training panels based around the ‘Your Training Counts’ surveys.

“We understand how important these surveys are to determine the climate of medical training in Ireland. We also value the participation of those trainees who attend and give us their feedback on progress, in certain areas.”

The CEO said the next survey would be carried out later this year and would include another panel, in which all interested attendees were welcome.

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